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This is a community for trans women and other MTF-spectrum folks, and focuses on our concerns. Cissexual/cisgender and FTM-spectrum folks are welcome to join. Membership is moderated. If you think we might look at your journal and profile and be unsure about you, drop us an email at ljtranswomen@gmail.

This community was created because of some perceived failings in other trans spaces, so we have to create some structure. If we can't call you out when you're fucking up, we can't keep this from becoming a hostile environment for trans women who may not benefit from privileges that you do.

Absolutely NO racism, homophobia, biphobia, ableism, classism, transphobia, or fatphobia.
[More to come on this later]

•This community does not recognize the legitimacy of "reverse" oppressions--oppression of the privileged by those at whose expense said privilege comes--such as cisphobia, heterophobia, reverse racism, reverse sexism, etc.

No victim-blaming, whether institutional or individual. Don't make us fucking go there. Learning to fear a privileged and oppressive group or abusive persons is NOT irrational, and resenting that group or those persons is often an important step in a healing process. That said, trans_rage might be a better place to vent those sentiments.

•Every woman finds peace with her body in her own way. This community does not recognize any pre-/post-/non- hierarchies, but it is okay to use those terms in relevant discussions. This community is absolutely not interested in your critique of another person's medical and cosmetic decisions, surgical status, etc.

•This community holds that "passing" is inherently oppressive to trans people and that "passability" is often far more complex a matter than people tend to assume. However, transphobia is not the fault of trans people, and criticizing another person's desire to "pass better" is as unacceptable as criticizing someone's perceived lack of "passability."
Similarly, "stealth" should never be seen as an obligation, but try to keep in mind the circumstances that lead people to "go stealth" and avoid passing judgment.

This is intended to be a kink-friendly, poly-friendly space.

Sex work is a reality for many trans women.

Acceptable: Discussing the risks of sex work, talking about social problems that lead many trans women to survival sex work.
Unacceptable: Telling someone that her work is demeaning to (trans) women as a whole, telling anyone what they should or shouldn't do, shaming, not treating people like adults, not acknowledging your own privilege when discussing the economic realities of other trans women's lives.

Topics that may be triggering to other members (e.g. abuse, sexual assault, body integrity issues) are important, but please put them under an "LJ cut" with a warning.

CISSEXUAL PEOPLE: We are not here to satisfy your personal curiosity or to help you further your academic career. Absolutely no "o hai, tell me tales of this transgender experience? and this transgender politics too, I wanna know that." (credit: drakyn)

[User info is still a work in progress; more will be added and things will be changed shortly]
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